digitalisation for accounting

Digitalisation has led to massive changes in many industries in recent years, including accounting. The introduction of digital solutions has brought clear benefits in terms of digitalisation for accounting.

  1. Increased efficiency: Digitisation can automate and accelerate accounting processes. Recurring processes such as posting incoming invoices or creating outgoing invoices can be automated using digital solutions such as ERP systems or accounting software. This leads to considerable time savings and more efficient accounting.
  2. Improved data quality: Digitalisation means that accounting data can be recorded faster and more accurately. Automated processes minimise the error rate and data can be retrieved in real time. Digital archiving options also increase data security and reduce the risk of data loss.
  3. Transparency and traceability: Digitalisation can make accounting processes more transparent. As all data is recorded and stored digitally, accounting processes can be tracked more easily. For example, expenditure can be tracked more easily, which leads to better financial control.
  4. Cost savings: Digitisation can also save costs in accounting. The automation of processes relieves the burden on staff and thus reduces personnel costs. Digital solutions also minimise paper and printing costs. In addition, the improvement in data quality leads to fewer errors and the associated costs.
  5. Flexibility and mobility: Digital solutions allow accounting processes to be handled regardless of location. Employees can access the data from anywhere and therefore work flexibly. Collaboration with external service providers or tax advisors is also facilitated by digital solutions.

Overall, the digitalisation of accounting offers numerous advantages. The automation of processes saves time and costs and improves data quality. Digitalisation also increases the transparency and traceability of accounting processes. Companies that take advantage of digitalisation can therefore build an efficient and modern accounting system.

Artaker Computersysteme GmbH acquires 75% majority stake in ZELMION GmbH

To strengthen its market position in the field of SAP consulting and SAP process optimization, DI Martin Böck, Managing Director of Artaker Computersysteme GmbH, announced that Artaker has acquired a 75% majority stake in ZELMION GmbH with immediate effect.

Artaker Computersysteme is a renowned IT consulting company from Vienna and has been a pioneer in digital change processes for over 25 years.

ZELMION GmbH was founded 15 years ago by Ing. Florian Mayer and has since built up a solid market share with its SAP expertise. Ing. Mayer has decided to pursue a new career path and is leaving the company. DI Martin Böck is now taking over the management of ZELMION GmbH.

DI Martin Böck comments: “I am pleased to announce that I have now acquired a 75% majority stake in ZELMION GmbH on behalf of Artaker Computersysteme GmbH with the aim of utilizing synergies between the two companies, particularly in the area of SAP expertise and experience that ZELMION GmbH has so successfully developed under Ing. Mayer over the past 15 years. The acquisition of ZELMION GmbH is an important milestone for Artaker and underlines our commitment to continued growth and industry-leading innovation. We are confident that this acquisition will benefit our customers, employees and partners by enhancing our ability to provide best-in-class solutions while solidifying our position as a leading consulting firm in the IT industry. Together with my team, I will do everything in my power to continue the steady growth of ZELMION GmbH now under the umbrella of Artaker Computersysteme GmbH.”

Artaker Computersysteme GmbH can look back on a long company history. Dr Wilhelm Artaker laid the foundation stone back in 1946 with the sale of drawing materials and drawing machines. For many years, the business focussed on trading in photocopiers, until Artaker Computersysteme GmbH was founded in 1994, which today employs over 30 experts. What began as a provider of document management systems has since become a specialist when it comes to the digitization of documents and assets of all kinds, including processes and signatures. Artaker is not only involved in consulting but also in the implementation of solutions. That is why there is a pool of experts who offer complete IT infrastructure solutions (cloud, server, storage, virtualization, security). The focus is on organizations with up to a thousand users. At the end of 2021, Dr Reinhard Michael Artaker retired from management and handed over sole management to the new majority shareholder DI Martin Böck. Under the new management of DI Martin Böck since 2022, Artaker has further strengthened its market position by constantly expanding its offering and focussing on future-oriented technologies.