bhdt success story

Industrial companies cannot avoid the digital transformation. BHDT has successfully closed its analogue gap in paper-based accounting with the help of ZELMION. Although paper is patient, it proves to be superfluous in digital workflows. This was also the case for Kapfenberg-based BHDT GmbH, one of Austria’s global market leaders in the manufacture of high-pressure systems for the chemical industry.

Find out here how BHDT mastered this challenge together with us.

stadtwerke klagenfurt success story

One of the main objectives of Stadtwerke Klagenfurt’s digitalisation strategy was the automated and integrated processing of incoming invoices. The project was successfully implemented thanks to the combined expertise of the document management specialists easy competence and ZELMION. Stadtwerke Klagenfurt now operates in a much more efficient, cost-effective and transparent manner.

Find out here how Stadtwerke Klagenfurt mastered this challenge together with us.

bks bank success story

BKS Bank faced considerable challenges due to an excess of paper and lengthy invoice processes. Branches in particular, such as the one in Vienna, were forced to create internal accounting vouchers for expenses such as business lunches and send them to the accounting department in Klagenfurt together with the original invoice. This practice not only led to unnecessary use of paper and high postage costs, but also caused delays in the payment of invoices. There were even inefficient channels within the head office, as invoices were only forwarded to the accounting department via the central mailroom.

Find out here how BKS Bank overcame this challenge together with us.