SAP | xSuite | Consulting

ZELMION GmbH is a consulting company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

The focus of our activities is on the combination of the topics of process consulting, document management and SAP consulting. We advise companies, from medium-sized companies to international corporations, on the automation and optimization of business processes for processing documents in the SAP environment.

We implement the processes designed in this way on the technical basis of the xSuite product portfolio. We are a certified sales and implementation partner of xSuite, a German software company based near Hamburg. As the most experienced Austrian company in the implementation of xSuite projects, we are active as an implementation partner for the manufacturer as well as for some other xSuite sales partners.

In more than 10 years we have implemented a large number of projects in Central and Eastern Europe with xSuite, helping our customers to make their processes more efficient, modern and cost-effective.